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Tsitsikamma National Park is an area of the Garden Route National Park, on South Africa’s southern coast. The name “Tsitsikamma” is derived from the Khoi-San language, meaning “place of abundant water.” This name is highly appropriate, as the region is characterized by its lush vegetation, crystal-clear rivers, and numerous waterfalls. The area is part of the larger Garden Route National Park, which stretches along the southern coast of South Africa.

Some of the iconic features of Tsitsikamma are its rugged coastline and indigenous forests. This rugged coastline runs along a protected marine reserve where numerous different species can be seen throughout the year. The ancient forests, consisting of towering yellowwoods, stinkwoods, and ironwoods, are some of the last remaining examples of temperate rainforests in Southern Africa. Walking through these forests is like stepping into a magical realm, where sunlight filters through the dense canopy, creating a tranquil and otherworldly atmosphere. Visitors can explore the forests through a network of hiking trails, allowing them to discover the rich biodiversity and encounter rare plant species, such as the delicate Tsitsikamma lily.

Within the Tsitsikamma National Park at the mouth of the Storms River you will also find a suspension bridge which is part of one of the walking trails that can be found in the area.  The starting point for the famous Otter Hiking Trail is also found at the entrance to the Storms River Mouth Rest Camp.

For adrenaline junkies, Tsitsikamma is a paradise of adventure. The region offers a variety of thrilling activities, including the world’s highest commercial bungee jump from the Bloukrans Bridge. With a staggering height of 216 meters (709 feet), it’s an exhilarating experience for those brave enough to take the plunge. Other adrenaline-pumping activities include canopy tours, zip-lining through the forest, hiking along the rugged coastline or kayaking and lazing on a lilo through the river gorge.

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